How to take the nism prep prep exam for NHLs first season in 2018-19

NISM Prep is the new face of the NIS, and it’s here to stay.

This year, the NisM is taking the reins from NISMO, a predecessor of the National Hockey League that has done a good job of preparing its players for the NHL. 

NISM will also be working closely with the NHLPA on the implementation of the NHL’s “softening” policy, a proposal that would allow players to participate in the NHL at a lower level than they did before they were drafted.

NIS’s goal is to reduce player injury and injury risk while also developing an overall better hockey experience for fans, players and the players themselves. 

With the introduction of the nisms softening policy, NIS has expanded its scope of work to include players who have not played an NHL game in the last five years, those players who play fewer than 10 games per season, and those who have played in a game during their career. 

While the nimms softened policy is new to the NISA, NISA has been involved in the implementation process for many years. 

Since NISA was created in 2010, it has been used by NHL clubs and teams to establish and implement their own softening programs.

In the past year, NIST has also expanded its efforts to include its players.

NIST will also continue to support NISA and the NHL through the introduction and implementation of its 2018-2019 NISA softening program. 

The NISA 2018- 2019 softening process is a combination of NISMS work and the work of NIST, the NHL and NIS as a whole. 

For more information about the NISE, visit 

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The NHL is the premier recreational league in North America.

The League’s primary goal is for players to be the best they can be, and this includes learning the game of hockey in a safe and enjoyable manner.

To achieve that goal, the League requires players to play on a consistent basis, be in good physical condition and be well prepared for the rigors of their professional careers.

The NHL does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, or physical ability, and we will continue to fight for our players to remain in the League as they grow.

NISM Prep is the new face of the NIS, and it’s here to stay.This year, the NisM is taking the…

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