What you need to know ahead of the EOD preparation course

What you should know before your next EOD?

The EOD is a series of courses that prepare you for your first ever EOD event. 

EOD Preparation Course: The Eod is a course that covers the basic knowledge of fire and fire safety. 

This course is held in each community in England and Wales to prepare people to be the best they can be. 

 If you have any questions about the Eod, please contact your local Fire and Emergency Services Service (FES) centre. 

Fire and rescue training courses Are you ready for your next fire and rescue course? 

Are you ready to start your own fire and safety training course?

Learn more about fire and training courses on BBC Radio 4’s Fire and Rescue. 

Want to be sure you can attend a EOD, and can prepare properly? 

Then join us as we take you through some of the most popular EOD courses, from a fire safety perspective. 

You can also watch this video and see some of our best EOD videos on our EodWatch programme. 

There’s something for everyone in the fire and emergency response courses. 

The EOD course There are three types of EOD training courses:  Community EOD: A community course which includes local and regional police and firefighters from the area to teach you the skills you need for your local community. 

Elders EOD A community course which covers local and national police and fire services in the area. 

First aid EOD A first aid course which covers first aid for adults and children aged five and over. 

Fire Safety A fire safety course which includes local, national and international fire service staff to give you the basic fire safety skills you will need to start the job. 

Volunteer EOD  Voluntary work from members of the community, such as a local police or fire service volunteer, to help out with the training. 

Other EOD classes There is also a range of other EOD teaching courses available to people who want to know how they can get into a fire and other emergency service jobs, including  Empress EOD  A community  and Elder EPD  A local fire and ambulance service class which covers senior Fire Service officers in the community.

Fire and Emergency Service (EFOS) A specialist emergency service, and is responsible for responding to and responding to emergencies. 

For information about the EFOS programme, visit the EFOS website . 

Fire prevention EOD Classes These courses offer a good introduction to fire safety and also offer practical tips and tips to improve your fire safety, as well as practical training for your job.

For more information about EOD and the fire safety industry, please visit the Fire Safety Information Centre.

What you should know before your next EOD?The EOD is a series of courses that prepare you for your first…

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