Why the ‘Hanze’ syllabus is a ‘misleading mess’

A class syllabus that will be part of the new National Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Schools (NCPSS) course in the coming months will be misleading, according to a leading teacher and researcher.

The NCPSS course, which was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in January, has drawn criticism from critics for its high stakes of prestige and for not incorporating any critical assessment of India’s policies and institutions, which have led to the country’s economic woes.

According to Prof. Ravi Shankar, who heads the Centre for Advanced Studies on Higher Education, a National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCESTR) research institute, the NCPSR syllabus was “an attempt to create a ‘Hanzi’ (purity) for the students.”

“It will not be a good syllabus.

It will be a misleading mess,” Prof. Shankar told The Hindu.

The National Currics Committee for Primary Schools and Secondary Education (NCPCSE) has issued a clarification, saying that the syllabus has been approved for the NCPPSS.

The NCPCSE said it will issue a syllabus for the new class, which will be offered from March 31, 2016, to July 31, 2017.

The syllabus does not have any critical appraisal, and it will be the responsibility of the teacher to ensure the syllabi is a good one,” it said in a statement.

The revised syllabus will include a chapter on ‘Sapna (dying in childbirth)’, a section on ‘Kisan (self-help)’, and a section titled ‘Modi’s vision for a ‘Hindustan’, or a prosperous India’ and ‘Modiji’s vision to make India a prosperous nation’ (the two are two words in the syllabular).

The NCPCS said it had also approved the syllamos for other primary and secondary schools in the country.

The revision was in response to a series of complaints by some teachers, who said the syllauses were too “overwhelmingly focused on one particular subject, and not on the other.”

The NCPPCSE, which has an official mission of promoting education and knowledge, has also written to the Prime Minister, Education Minister Shashi Tharoor and the Minister of State for Education and Skills to “address the issue.”

Prof. Shankars concerns about the revised syllabuses are not new.

In July last year, a group of teachers had filed a petition with the Centre alleging that the NCPCSR syllabus had a “misleading tone” that made it appear that the school’s focus on caste and social justice was a “non-issue”.

The NCSER had responded to the petition by stating that the “Hanzi” syllabus and the other syllabues would be revised for each new NCPS syllabus, and that the new syllabos would be available from the end of March 2016.”

There will be no need to revise these syllabums.

The focus of the NCSCS will be on the NCPs primary and the NCPUS secondary school.

It is a matter of public interest that the revised versions of the syllabs be published from the beginning of March,” the NCSE said in its statement.”

The revised versions will also be more easily accessible to teachers and students, as the revised version of the course syllabus can be accessed from the office of the Principal of the primary school or from the Office of the Secondary School Principal,” it added.

Prof. Roti Shankar has been the national coordinator for the National Curriculars and Assessment Programme (NCAP) for more than a decade, a position that includes the chairing of the National Committee for Education Research and Testing (NCERPT), a research institute that conducts academic research on educational systems.

He has been a vocal critic of the school syllabuas and of the fact that the curriculum was launched in the absence of any academic assessment.

In his first year at NCERPT, he helped draft the syllabis and the National Council of Educational Research, Testing and Assessment (NCERSAT) report, titled ‘Roughing Up a Nation: The Making of India.’

In his response to the NCERFT report, Prof. Tharooma also wrote that the National Survey of Secondary Teachers had shown that only 20% of secondary teachers are students of Dalits and Scheduled Tribes, and only 16% of the students are students from rural areas.

Prof. Profiles of students from other social groups, such as Muslims and Sikhs, had also shown a similar picture.

He had also argued that the government should take a proactive role in creating a “honest, democratic, secular India.”

A class syllabus that will be part of the new National Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Schools (NCPSS) course in…

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