‘This Is Our Day’: Indian students are the only ones to receive Rs 10,000 to learn Sanskrit

NEW DELHI: India has the highest concentration of Sanskrit students in the world, and there are still hundreds of thousands of students from rural areas who do not have access to a high-school diploma.

A student of the preparatory Sanskrit course at Vavarayalaya in Rajasthan’s Andhra Pradesh state says the average class time is about 45 minutes.

In rural India, most people don’t have access in the morning, and students can barely get a decent quality of education.

Even in rural areas where people have access, they are often unable to complete a grade because of the lack of facilities and lack of preparation for a high school diploma, said Keshav Mishra, who heads the Centre for Advanced Sanskrit Studies at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc).

In fact, in Rajahmundry, where students have been given a certificate in Sanskrit, there are only four students who have been able to complete the final exam, which takes them about three hours, he said.

It is a situation that is getting worse in rural India.

Rajahmundr has a population of just over 13 million.

Most of the students come from rural villages and do not know Sanskrit.

There are no high schools in rural Rajahmundr and students who do have access are often in classes of only 15-20 people.

“We have no teachers to help us study,” said Mishra.

There are about 8,000 people in rural Andhra with a high degree of education and a low level of literacy, according to the Indian National Centre for Science Education (INCE).

But the lack in facilities and preparation for high school graduation has meant that the quality of Sanskrit education is not high enough to attract students from the rural areas.

Students at the preparative Sanskrit course in Rajavela in Andhra.

With no access to high-speed internet or television in rural rural India and a limited number of teachers, the number of students studying in the traditional form of Sanskrit is low, said Mish, who has been working on the issue for more than five years.

Indian students in rural towns and cities often find it difficult to get basic education.

Most schools do not provide any instruction in Sanskrit and even teachers who do take up the subject often do not prepare them properly, he added.

The number of rural students studying traditional form Sanskrit has dropped to around 5,000 in the last two decades, from about 8-10,000 before, according the IISc.

According to Mishra and the Centre, only around 500 students in Andrasteh and Haryana have been awarded a high high school degree in Sanskrit.

But a few students who study in the classical form of the ancient language can make it to high school, and even then they often find they cannot complete their high school courses.

One of them is Ashok Kumar, an 18-year-old student from the eastern Indian state of Tamil Nadu who was given a high score in the final examination.

He was not allowed to enter the class.

Ashok, who is studying for a bachelor’s degree in English, said he does not feel like a typical Indian student.

I am not a normal student, he told me.

I am from a remote area.

Kumar said he was unable to prepare for a class of 15 students and spent his entire time working at home.

He is a student of Vavaramaya High School in Vavastham in Andhara district, and the preparational course was taught by the head teacher.

At Vavasarayalayalaksha, students from Andhra and Telangana have taken the preparaatory course and have also been awarded high scores, said Raghuviran, the headteacher.

We are in a very difficult situation,” he said, referring to the shortage of teachers.

Ashok Kumar says he wants to study Sanskrit. “

It is hard to teach in a classroom of five people,” he added, adding that the teachers have to take special courses to prepare students for the final exams.

Ashok Kumar says he wants to study Sanskrit.

“I am a student, so I want to learn.

But I want it in a way that I can complete it,” he told TOI.

NEW DELHI: India has the highest concentration of Sanskrit students in the world, and there are still hundreds of thousands…

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