How to get to the Olympics in 2018

We are still trying to comprehend the enormity of the task ahead, but for me the most exciting part of the Games will be in their aftermath.

It will be a celebration of a country that is already doing so much to transform itself from a country of the early 20th century into a country to which the world now expects to aspire. 

I have never seen a country like the one we are witnessing.

A country that, at the beginning of this century, had almost nothing to offer to its people.

It had little to offer other than its wealth and its energy.

And it has had to compete for the same resources it was promised in return for its trust. 

Now we see the fruits of that trust.

We see the wealth of our country, which is not only our prosperity, but the prosperity of the world. 

And this is the reason why I am so proud to be a Canadian, and why I have been given this honour.

I have always been a Canadian.

And I want to be proud to say that Canada is not just a nation but also a people.

That we are an economic power that has been given back to its peoples. 

Canada is proud to represent the ideals of equality and human rights.

I want the world to see the diversity of our people, who, as a country, are a part of a global community. 

The world has to see our country in a different light.

That it is a country built by a people that have suffered in the aftermath of the Second World War.

I see a nation that is not afraid to fight for what it believes in, who is open to learning, who has faith in the future and who believes in the capacity of the nation to rise above its own past. 

This is a new Canada, and it has to be understood and understood very carefully. 

If we do not listen to our people and act as Canadians, if we do nothing but watch and listen to the world, then we will lose our chance at a future that we have been dreaming of for decades. 

We must all work together to achieve the world’s aspirations for the future. 

A nation that stands up for the human rights of the Palestinian people, for the rights of African refugees, for women’s rights.

We must not let the past stop us from doing what we can to ensure that we do all we can for the people of Canada. 

As for the 2020 Games, I hope that everyone in the Canadian delegation will follow the same spirit as they did last year.

The time has come to make a difference in the lives of our young people, in the hearts and minds of our citizens.

The world is watching and we must do what we must to make the most of the opportunity ahead. 

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We are still trying to comprehend the enormity of the task ahead, but for me the most exciting part of…

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