Bocconi University’s ‘olqé’ course sparks debate: ‘This is just the beginning’

A Bocconi university preparatory college in southern Italy is hosting a course on the history of the Spanish Civil War.

Students are learning from the works of historians, scholars and experts from the region and the world.

The course is called ‘Citizen of Spain’.

The Spanish Civil war began in 1861, and lasted for more than 70 years.

In addition to learning about the conflict, students are also taking part in an oral history project and attending a military funeral.

A professor of history at the college, Francesco Pizzi, said the course was the first time the institute had attempted to use its history to explain its work.

“The history of this university is based on the social, political, economic, cultural and religious life of the region,” he said.

Pizzi told the Corriere della Sera newspaper that students had been told they would get to know each other by talking about the Civil War, the first European war.

He said the students were “enamoured with the Spanish way” of life and were keen to learn from others in the region.

Boca Cività was founded in 1883, with the aim of offering an advanced education to students from a different region.

The institute is currently one of the largest private universities in the country.

It has a large Spanish language school, as well as an intensive course in history, a course in modern art and literature, and an intensive Spanish language course.

The institute has more than 1,200 students.

A Bocconi university preparatory college in southern Italy is hosting a course on the history of the Spanish Civil War.Students…

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