Which is better for you? Buying and selling property in China: What to know

Buying property in Hong Kong, Singapore, and mainland China is more expensive than buying and selling it in the United States.

You’ll pay more for a home, but the monthly fees are lower. 

But what if you don’t want to pay a premium to buy a home in Hong or Singapore?

You can buy and sell in the other three cities, too.

Here are the three best places to buy and/or sell your home in China.1.

Hong Kong: $1,800 to $3,400 per monthIn 2016, Hong Kong surpassed the US as the biggest buyer of real estate in China, according to data from brokerage BDO.

The city is home to around 9% of the world’s population and has the highest per capita wealth in the world.2.

Singapore: $3.75 to $5,600 per monthThere are a handful of popular Hong Kong properties, but one of the best places in the city to buy your home is Singapore’s Pheasant Island.

It’s a popular place to retire, work, and travel.

This is the most affordable and popular property in the island. 

Singapore has a lower per capita property wealth than Hong Kong ($1,400) but it has higher per capita housing wealth than the United Kingdom ($2,600).3.

Macau: $2,500 to $4,000 per monthYou can buy or sell in Macau’s luxury neighborhoods, including the Marina Bay Sands, and it’s not a bad way to spend the day.

The average price for a condo in Macao is around $5.5 million.4.

Shenzhen: $4 to $8,500 per monthThe average home price in Shenzhen is $2.7 million, according, data from Trulia.

In addition, the median home price is $1.4 million.5.

Shanghai: $5 to $7,000 to $6,500 a monthYou’re unlikely to be able to afford a property in Shanghai, but you can buy a property on the cheap.

You can get a $500,000 condo for around $3 million in the area.6.

Guangzhou: $7.5 to 12,000 a monthThe most expensive home in Guangzhou is the Shangri-La tower, which sells for $10 million. 

This is a well-known place to invest and buy a large home.

If you’re looking to save money and avoid the high costs of realtors in the Chinese capital, it’s a good place to buy.7.

Macao: $12,000 or more a monthHome prices in Macoa are more affordable than other Chinese cities, so it’s best to buy in Maca.

This area is known for being a popular and safe place to work, retire, and have a luxurious vacation.8.

Shenyang: $13,000-$16,000 for a typical home in Shenyang.

If the average price of a home is $10.5 Million, then you could buy a $1 million house in Shenjing for $8.6 million.9.

Chengdu: $16,500-$21,000A home in Chengdu is expensive, but it’s only a matter of time before the property price skyrockets. 

It’s a well known city to have luxurious vacation homes, which can cost up to $100,000.10.

Guangdong: $21,500 or more for an average home in the Shenzhen areaThe area is famous for its skyscrapers, but if you’re thinking of buying your first home, you’ll need to think about the area’s luxury real estate prices. 

There are many properties here that are considered high-end, so you could save money by purchasing a home on the lower end of the market. 

You can even buy a cheaper property on a lake in Shenyong if you can afford it. 11.

Hongkong: Up to $24,000,000 in HongkoungThe most affordable Hong Kong property is a house in Hongkiu, where the average home costs $20,000 and is located on the northern shore of Lake Kwai, close to the capital city of Hong Kong.

The home has been the subject of a scandal in the past, so the price is likely to go up if the scandal does, too, and some homeowners have complained about the lack of cleanliness in the house. 


Shanghai (Korea): $24 million-$35 millionIn the past year, Shanghai has become the most expensive place in the country to buy real estate.

The median price for the property in 2016 was $30 million.13.

Macaca: $35 million-$45 millionIn 2016 and 2017, Macaca was the most

Buying property in Hong Kong, Singapore, and mainland China is more expensive than buying and selling it in the United…

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