Czech Republic to set up special preparatory courses for first students from EU countries

Czech Republic will soon be preparing for the first students of the European Union from member states, as part of a programme to tackle migration.

Czech President Milos Zeman has ordered a series of preparatory schools, which will see more than 100,000 students study in the Czech Republic for the next three years.

The programme will be aimed at helping the Czechs to absorb migrants, as the country is the main entry point for refugees and migrants from neighbouring Hungary and Poland.

The aim of the programme is to help the country to prepare its citizens to cope with the challenges that come with integration.

In addition, the programme will help to teach young people to become better integrated, and to develop an international understanding of Czech culture.

A spokesman for the Czech interior ministry said that in the future the country would be setting up a special preparative course for students from the EU countries.

“We will be creating a special programme for the students of Europe from the beginning of this year,” he said.

“This programme will prepare young Czechs and their families to cope, as they will be learning the language, culture and the values of Czechs,” the spokesman added.

“We hope that the Czech government will consider the needs of our citizens first before they try to create their own problems, to prevent them from being exploited by migrants.”

The new programme will also focus on the Czech people, who will study abroad in the UK, Spain and France.

In an interview with the daily newspaper Pravda, Czech President Milo Zeman said the government had already made it clear that the country’s approach to migrants was “totally different”.

“We want to build the Czech society in a way that will help the Czech citizens and the people from other countries,” he told the newspaper.

“We are not going to impose our values on anyone, so long as they respect them.”

The Czech government has said it will create a special study programme for students coming from the three countries in the coming years.

Czech Republic will soon be preparing for the first students of the European Union from member states, as part of…

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