When you lose, you lose: NFL officiating class begins in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma City Thunder are set to open a class that will teach Oklahoma City police officers how to properly respond to domestic violence situations.

The Thunder and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation have been at odds since March over whether the Thunder and police officers should use the same video-conferencing platform.

The program, called The Thunder Prep, is scheduled to begin this week and is being billed as a first step toward improving relations between the two agencies.

“I think the more people can learn how to interact with each other and work together better and have a more peaceful, successful relationship, the better off we are,” Oklahoma City Police Chief David Brown said.

“The police officer, if they feel like they’re in a situation where they’re not able to get to the person who they need to be, they’re going to get help,” Brown added.

The training is designed to address concerns that officers may be afraid to call for help, Brown said, adding that the training will include the use of video cameras and voice recognition to make calls to family members and friends.

Brown said the program will not be mandatory.

“If it works, it will work,” he said.

“But it’s not mandatory, and I think people will have a better understanding of what’s going on if they can watch it, if you know what I mean.”

The Oklahoma City team and the Thunder will begin training with an open call-out system on Monday.

The team will use the program to address the issue of how police and other members of the public interact with one another.

“There’s some people that don’t know that you can call 911, you can talk to the police department and you can get a police report,” Brown said on Thursday.

“And then they have no idea that that’s what they can do to their own community.”

The program will also help train police officers on how to respond to other types of domestic violence incidents.

In November, the NBA released guidelines to help ensure officers are able to interact more with the community.

The NBA said it is also exploring a video-based communication platform called TAPR that would let fans and coaches communicate with one-on-one with their players and other professionals.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are set to open a class that will teach Oklahoma City police officers how to properly…

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