Australia to pay $4.5m to cover costs of NT ‘pararescope preparatory’ course

The ACT Government has paid $4,534,000 for two NT preparatory classes to be taught by emergency medical technician (EMT) Tara Taylor.

The $4m was the Government’s first payment of the year and follows on from a $1.6m payment in January.

NT Premier Peter O’Neill says the class is the first to be offered by the State Government in the country.

“The ACT Government is delighted that we have been able to reach this agreement with the NT Government for the two-month preparatory training of paramedics for our State Government emergency medical services,” he said.

“We’re very pleased to be able to make this announcement and it will provide further opportunities for our emergency medical responders to develop their skills.”

EMTs have been taught for a number of years in the ACT.

But the NT was the first State Government jurisdiction to offer EMTs the opportunity to become paramedics.

The Government hopes the new classes will help paramedics in rural and remote areas.

The State Government also announced the creation of a pilot scheme that would pay for paramedics who complete four hours of training each week.

This is the third time this year the ACT Government will provide an incentive to train paramedics.

“It’s very exciting for paramedics and their families that the State Governments will now be paying them for the skills they need to be prepared for their jobs,” Acting Premier Mark Scott said.

Mr Scott said the Government was not yet making any announcements on how long the pilot would last.

“That’s a matter for the NT government to decide,” he told reporters.

The ACT is one of five states that will receive an extra $5.2m in the Budget.

The Federal Government has committed to providing a further $3.4m for paramedics in the next financial year.

Federal Minister for Health David Johnston said the money would help paramedics train more effectively and provide greater flexibility to paramedics.

Mr Johnston said $3m would go towards training for paramedic assistants.

“This is going to be a huge step forward for paramedics,” he added.

He said the pilot scheme was designed to allow paramedics to train in a timely manner and would not increase workloads.

“They’re not going to get bogged down on workloads and they’re not getting to work for long periods of time,” he explained.

The ACT Government has paid $4,534,000 for two NT preparatory classes to be taught by emergency medical technician (EMT) Tara…

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