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2.00 – 2.20.2017, 24:00Cocconi: A Pre-requisites Course for All Levels article A prerequisite course for all levels of students, including those with an academic qualification and students who want to further their academic studies.

The curriculum includes:Themes are based on the academic year of study and the subject(s) studied, the university’s general philosophy and its main research areas.

In addition to the basic topics of a student’s chosen subject, the course also includes subjects of particular interest to the students: the theory of philosophy, the philosophy of language, the history of philosophy and of language.

For more information, visit the following link: www.cocconi.it.

In addition to a pre-requisite course for the academic years of study, the curriculum also includes a number of optional courses for the courses of study.

For the full list of optional subjects, visit www.academy.net.

Themes and the content of the optional courses are the same for all the courses, but they may be further subdivided in terms of topics or subject areas.

The following list of topics is based on a number that the University of Cagliari has decided to include in the curriculum, based on some criteria.

The University of Casirao, which has a similar curriculum, offers additional topics that can be selected and may include subjects of special interest to students.

Students should check with their local institution before deciding on the topics and subject areas that are appropriate for their academic and/or professional studies.

If there is no such information, please contact the Faculty of Philosophy at the address below.

The courses that can also be selected for the University are:The following topics are based in terms to the degree to which they satisfy the criteria set out in the list above.

Please refer to the corresponding page for further information.

2.00 – 2.20.2017, 24:00Cocconi: A Pre-requisites Course for All Levels article A prerequisite course for all levels of students, including…

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