When Do You Choose Which Language To Learn?

When Do you want to learn French?

I’d be very happy to help.

I’ve studied it from day one.

But I’ve also been reading it in German and I’ve read it in Italian.

I think I would be really happy to try it out if I could learn it.

Do you have any tips?

No, I don’t have any.

I’m still learning French.

You’ve never been a native speaker of French?


But you have an accent.

I know it’s not easy.

It’s not something that you can go into school with.

But it’s something that’s very important for a child who’s trying to learn a foreign language.

Have you been given any help by other parents?

I’ve been approached by other people in the past who have had success with their children.

And I’ve received support from other people, as well.

You should really look into the different ways to learn languages.

Do they all require you to have a background in another language?

Absolutely not.

But for children who are learning to speak French, I think that’s really important.

Are there any other resources available for young children that you think are particularly useful?

I think the best way to teach a child to speak another language is to be a good teacher.

And if they’re learning something in English, then they’re going to be able to speak a little bit more English.

So if you want your child to learn, I recommend that you teach them a language that you already know.

You want them to feel confident, that they can learn.

So they have an understanding of how to use words and grammar.

But when they learn a language, they can really enjoy it.

I mean, you don’t want to waste your time.

You don’t even want to spend a day teaching them French.

What are some of the things that parents can do to help?

They should have some kind of support.

So for example, when they’re in a language class and they feel nervous about it, they could sit in a circle.

You know, just listen.

It helps them to remember words.

It makes them feel a little more comfortable.

And also, they should have the opportunity to talk to the teacher about their French.

There’s also a lot of people who are doing workshops where you can listen to some of their problems and they can help them with their problems.

They can explain to them how they can improve their French skills.

So, they’ve got an opportunity to work with their parents.

There are lots of resources that are available online.

I have to say, I’m not a big fan of the idea of being in a classroom with other people.

I really think that people should be working on their own.

They should be learning together.

You can do it in a room together, but I think it’s better to be working alone.

What should parents do if they have children who speak a different language?

You can ask your child about it.

It can be very helpful to know about the differences between the different languages.

If they’re able to learn something, they’re more likely to be good learners.

And for that, you can ask for help from someone else.

So parents should try to work on their child’s own and teach them about the different words that they are learning.

There is also a book, called the French Book, by Jean-Paul Cazeneuve.

It talks about the history of French and how it came to be.

And it talks about French being spoken in different places.

And you’ll find that there are lots and lots of different French words, not just the ones you know.

And they’re all related.

And then you’ll see how the different French word combinations come together.

It all helps.

Have any of your children spoken a different French language?


Have they spoken English?


What do you think is the most important language for learning French?

If you have a child that’s interested in learning French, then it should be an interest that is not related to the other languages.

But if they want to, I would recommend that they try to learn it first.

But just because they’re interested in the language, I wouldn’t say they should be teaching it first in a French class.

They need to learn the other language.

And that’s something parents should be encouraging them to do.

When Do you want to learn French?I’d be very happy to help.I’ve studied it from day one.But I’ve also been…

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