Pre-Nursing Students Should Start Pre-Doctorate Course for Pre-Diploma in Nursing

Pre-doctorate courses are being offered at a number of universities in the UK to encourage pre-diploma graduates to pursue a post-graduate degree in nursing.

More: Nursery students have been given a month off work, from the end of March, to prepare for their first post-degree degree.

The courses aim to encourage students to start pre-doctorates to improve their chances of securing a job in the future.

Nurses are now eligible to start their pre-graduate nursing degree course at universities across the UK from the middle of March.

Some of the universities offering the courses have already seen some of their existing nursing graduates take part in them.

The pre-Doctorates of Nursing (PN) programme, which was launched last year, was introduced as part of the Government’s commitment to support new entrants into the profession, with graduates earning between £25,000 and £80,000 over their first year.

“This is about encouraging our nursing graduates to enter the profession in their first full year of study,” said Professor Sarah Hill, chair of the Royal College of Nursing.

“Our nursing graduates have an important role to play in helping ensure we keep up with our ageing population, which will inevitably affect our nursing workforce.”

More: The RNs programme will provide the UK with around 1,200 post-doctoral placements over the course of the programme, according to the Royal Colleges of Nursing and Midwifery.

“The RNS programme is the most important way to encourage new nurses to take up nursing careers in the United Kingdom,” said Dr David Smith, head of nursing and midwifes.

This includes those who have already completed their nursing studies and want to pursue further education.

There are currently more than 20,000 post-doc placements available at universities around the UK, according the Nursing and midwives’ Federation.

At the moment, nursing students can complete their degree on their own but there is no guarantee that they will be able to complete it in the same period of time as they would if they had started their course in their undergraduate studies.

One way to ensure that new nurses are fully prepared for the post-graduation nursing environment is to give them a pre-purchase option.

In addition, nursing employers can offer their own nursing and dental assistants and mid-careers, with the aim of giving students a sense of self-confidence and self-worth.

“I want nurses to have the confidence to do their job properly, and that is why I’m making this course available to all RNs in the country,” said NCC chair, Sarah Hill.

“We want our nursing students to have confidence that they can do the work they need to do.”

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Pre-doctorate courses are being offered at a number of universities in the UK to encourage pre-diploma graduates to pursue a…

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