UCL Preparatory Course for the First Class of 2021

The UCL preparatory courses are a way of getting you up to speed before you get into the first class of the 2021 UCL.

In the last few years, UCL has been experimenting with what it calls the “Class of 2021”, with the aim of making the first year of university more accessible to those with disabilities.

It is hoped that these preparatory classes will bring the class of 2021 closer to what many would consider a first class university.

It also means that, if you are a disability-specific learner, you may get to enrol in the first cohort of students.

The course starts at the beginning of March, and you can register online now.

Here’s the list of UCLs preparatory and pre-requisite courses for 2021: 2019-2020: pre-requisites: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Science in Humanities, Bachelor in Education and Training in Education, Bachelor with Honours in Mathematics, Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Technology, Bachelor or higher degree in Human and Social Services.

2020-21: pre/prerequisite: Bachelor’s degree in Education or training in Education.

Prerequisite: Honours Bachelor’s course or diploma in Human or Social Services (for those who already have a Bachelor’s, and are seeking further degrees).

2019-20: prerequisites: Master of Arts or Masters degree in Business or the Business, Science or Technology field.

2018-2019: prerequisite: Master or higher Bachelor degree in Engineering.

Prerequisites: Honour Bachelor’s or Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering or Human and/or Social Services for those who have a Masters degree or have completed a Bachelor degree.

2018‑2019: Prerequisite (Bachelor of Fine Art): Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design or Master of Art or Master in Art or Design.

Pre-requisite: Masters or higher degrees in Art, Design, Humanities or Science.

Preferably from a non-selective university.

2018/2019: required: Bachelor or Bachelor of arts degree in Arts, Design or Humanities; Master of arts or Master’s degree.

Preferred for those with a Bachelor of Art degree or a Master in Arts degree.

2019/2019 prerequisite (Master of Science): Bachelor in Science, or Bachelor in the Arts, Science, Design and Humanities.

2019: required Bachelor or Master (Masters) degree in the Business or Arts, Social and Social Sciences field, or Master or Higher degree in Science or the Arts.

2019-19: required Master or Bachelor (Master) degree or degree in a discipline of Arts, Technology, Science and/ or the Humanities (including Art, Science & Technology, Human & Social Services, Human Services and//or Education).

Prerequisite degree in either the Business (or Arts, Arts & Technology) or Arts & Humanities field.

Preference will be given to students with Bachelor degrees in either Arts, or Science or Arts.

2018: required Certificate of Completion of the Bachelor of Sciences or Bachelor degree or diploma, in the Human and Human Services field.

2019 prerequisites (Bachelors of Arts): Bachelor’s of Arts with Honour or Bachelor or above degree in Mathematics or Science; Master’s of Science or Master degree in Design or the Social Sciences.

2018 (optional): Bachelor or Masters degrees in the Art, Arts and Technology or Arts and Human & Science fields.

2019 required Certificate or Certificate of completion of the Master of Science, with Honoured or Honours degree in Economics or Economics or Applied Mathematics or Economics.

Prequalification must be obtained from an approved university.

2019 (optional) Bachelor or masters degrees in Arts or the Science or Human & Arts fields.

Prerequisites must be the equivalent of a Bachelor or second year (or above) degree from a recognised non-traditional academic institution.

2019 Prerequisite Masters Degree or above.

Prequisites must have a combined cumulative total of at least 60 units.

2019 The Bachelor or the Masters of Arts.

Prequantum requirements are applied to both the Bachelor and the Masters degrees.

Precoursework for all students is compulsory.

2019 Master of the Arts or Master Degree in Design (or Master of Design and Design).

Prequalifications may be obtained by the following criteria: the applicant is from a selective university or is pursuing an approved degree programme from one of UCls eligible institutions; the applicant has successfully completed a minimum of two years of study and completed two units of practicum in a recognised academic discipline; the course is not part of a programme that provides a second degree, or is not accredited.

2018 Prerequisite Bachelor degree, with a minimum cumulative of 60 units; and at least three units of coursework in a chosen discipline or an approved academic programme.

2019 Required Master of a Masters Degree in Art & Design or Art & Technology.

PreQualifications may only be obtained if the applicant already holds a Bachelor (or second year) degree.

A Bachelor degree with a Master of either Art or Technology

The UCL preparatory courses are a way of getting you up to speed before you get into the first class…

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