More than 100,000 students in Jerusalem will take preparatory courses for the national examinations

More than 1,300 schools in the capital will be offering preparatory classes for the National High School examinations starting on Sunday, with more than 100 schools in total planning to open for the first time.

More than 200,000 people from the occupied West Bank will take the national examination, and more than 200 schools will open on Sunday for the final exams.

A number of schools, including the University of the Negev in the occupied Old City, will be hosting preparatory class, with students from all three regions of the city preparing to study at home.

More: The Jerusalem High School, which is considered the country’s best school, will offer the national exams starting on Thursday.

Students will study for two hours at a time in classrooms.

A teacher in the Jerusalem school will give students a homework assignment each day.

Students will then go to their school and do their homework.

“The National High Schools is a preparatory school for the examinations,” said Yitzhak Bishay, the director of education at the school.

“In preparation, we will study in private, for a total of three hours.

We hope that we will not have to go into the classroom at all.

We have the experience of the schools that we studied in, so that’s what we will do.”

The schools are set to open on Thursday, with the final examinations to be held on Friday.

The National Preparatory School was established in 1988, in the center of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The school has been serving as the pre-elective preparatory high school for students from the surrounding neighborhoods since 2008.

The number of students attending classes in the building has been growing every year.

The Jerusalem school is located on a site that was once a Palestinian refugee camp.

Many of the children there were born in the camps before the state of Israel was established.

“This school is a great asset for the Jewish people,” said Eitan Lipski, a member of the Jerusalem Education Committee.

“This is a school where our children can study for the examination, even if they are in the refugee camps or under the occupation.”

More than 1,300 schools in the capital will be offering preparatory classes for the National High School examinations starting on…

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