New NISM course to prepare students for NISM post-graduation

Preparing students for a post-graduate NISM degree by the end of 2019 has been given the green light by the National Council of Educational Research and Training.

The National Council for Educational Research & Training (NCERT) has decided to award the course at a higher level of classification and is now in the process of finalising the final syllabus, according to the National Education Forum (NEF) in a release on Monday.NCERT chairman, Dr Rajeev Chandrasekhar, said the course is a pre-post-graduate course for the NISM programme, which is the cornerstone of NISM, a federalised education programme.

The programme has been in the works since 2013, he said.NCERT has been preparing students for the post-Graduate Certificate in NISM since 2006.

“NCERP has been organising the NISMP, NISEM and NISM-P, the courses for NISM students,” Dr Chandrasebhar said.

“The NCERT will be the final administrator for the course and will supervise the students.”

The NISMS and NISSM programmes are jointly administered by the NISC (National Institute of Science and Technology) and the NCERT.NCERN is an independent university which operates in 10 states and three Union Territories.

It was established in 1976 and has around 2,500 students.

Preparing students for a post-graduate NISM degree by the end of 2019 has been given the green light by the…

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